About us

THE MARKETING CLUB is an online advertising agency specializing in quality lead generation. We're a small team of professionals with a broad experience in digital marketing, data acquisition and conversion techniques. We regularly work with a network of specialists who give us vast reach, without the bureaucracy found in larger agencies.
By encouraging a small selection of our long standing partnerships, we get to know each and every business from the inside out. This is how we achieve better results.

Why lead generation

We've realized leads are the life-force for a business. Marketeer's face an uphill battle. Thanks to the proliferation of digital media and its devices, there is more data available to them than ever before and using the “right” data is the key to success. It has to be fresh, targeted data in order to have an accurate aim towards the right audience with the right offers/products, and drive results.

Our focus is on delivering a sustainable supply of leads directly into your business through dedicated campaigns. We do this by managing effective paid traffic campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook and other channels. Unlike data generated by brokers, leads generated by dedicated campaigns are yours, and yours alone. The prospects are already familiar with your brand, and waiting for you to contact them.

Our Approach

We provide strategic guidance and clarity to your business, working closely with you, from the planning stage, through tactical engagement and conversion process.